We achieve our goals together

Our passion for wood is central to all our activities. Our values and principles grew out of a combination of our longstanding experience and the never-ending discoveries to be made about the material we use to build and create. Today, these values and principles guide our partnerships both within and outside the company and determine how we think and act as a business.

Our fascination for timber is what drives us

Everything we do is driven by a fascination for our material and the innovation along the entire timber supply chain.

Our work with timber pushes the boundaries of what is possible: we harness new technologies and unlock potential. At the same time, we are constantly refining our processes, products and services.

Close-up of the Urbach Tower from below looking towards the sky. The specially formed, gyrating wooden structure is clearly visible

We nurture people and their potential

We create an innovative and motivating environment that allows both our staff and our business partners to develop their skills and abilities.

Our joint working practices both within and outside the company rest on trust, appreciation, tolerance – and a healthy dose of humour. We also encourage an open error and feedback culture.

2 people at the controls of a CNC machine. 2 PCs are being used in the background. One person is looking at the camera, the other at the screen.

We work with clients in equal partnerships

We care about the needs and ideas of our clients. We work in partnership and develop open, transparent and constructive solutions – this counts as much for our services and how we perform them as for the way we design our processes.

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Our philosophy