Temporary timber constructions

Let’s clear something up immediately: temporary buildings are in no way inferior to permanent structures. They meet the strictest ecological, energy, structural and soundproofing requirements. Furthermore, wood typically creates a comfortable environment in such buildings. The greatest difference between temporary and permanent buildings lies in the processing and the use of the structures. Modular construction enables the highest degree of flexibility in terms of planning. Highly robust system elements processed in wood can be reused. Again and again and again.

Visions in modular construction

Modular and temporary constructions are suitable for a wide range of applications. They are also opening up more and more possibilities. Find out more about pioneering modular construction.

Portrait Markus Rutz Division Manager Timber Construction Excellence Blumer Lehmann

Markus Rutz

Division Manager Timber and Modular Construction | CH
Member of the Executive Board

+41 71 388 58 40

Modular timber construction

Modular timber construction using standardised, cost-effective and customisable timber modules.