Welcoming hospitality

Ambiance is crucial for helping people to relax and enjoy themselves. Wood is a popular construction material in the hotel and restaurant sectors. Whether you’re planning an extension or contemplating a brand-new multi-storey hotel, building with wood will allow you to create an inviting and naturally relaxing environment. Wood can create atmospheres from a traditional feel to something a little more hip. Perfect for hotel rooms, lounges and restaurants. Modern planning and construction tools mean that architects, interior designers and clients can now enjoy a virtually unrestricted choice of shapes and materials. This gives rise to a wide range of structures that all have one thing in common: the feel-good factor created by wood.

Modular or individual

One plan, thirty constructions. Identical room types, such as hotel rooms or wet rooms in new-build hotels, restaurants or tourist buildings, offer ideal conditions for serial production and hence modular construction. The benefits for you are clear: lower costs, precise budgeting and short construction times. We can plan and deliver smaller structures for you from start to finish.

Cosy hotel and restaurants

  • Wood creates a pleasant atmosphere
  • Build, extend or convert with cost reliability
  • Modular construction means short construction times
  • Freedom of design in architecture and interior design
  • Sustainable and energy-efficient construction
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Modular timber construction

Modular timber construction using standardised, cost-effective and customisable timber modules.