Wooden stairs

A stairway connects much more than just upstairs and downstairs; it connects function and form, design and material, style and construction. That’s why stairs play such a key role in every room – whether they have an understated design or are showcased as an eye-catching feature. Made of wood using the best craftsmanship, there are almost no limits to the shape and design of stairs.

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Peter Holenstein

Sales Conversion | Renovation | Staircases | Timber Construction | Switzerland

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Roland Aichele

Roland Aichele

Project Manager Staircase Construction

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Skilled trades and high tech

Expertise in processing wood and a wide range of technology make it possible for us to design stairs in every conceivable Free Form, even those that are highly complex. We use tried-and-tested craftsmanship, digital 3D design tools and modern CNC processing methods to create stairs that are exactly what the client imagined and that blend perfectly into the room. Unique at every step.

Our services for custom-designed stairs

  • Consultation and planning
  • 3D design, parametric planning
  • Production; by hand and using CNC
  • Logistics
  • Erection