Serving our customers

The regular inspection of your winter services facility guarantees that operations run perfectly, the construction is in impeccable condition and your staff are safe. You also save on repair and maintenance costs when mechanical defects are detected and remedied early on. Furthermore, you secure the value of your winter services facility for longer and extend its service life.

Service and maintenance team

Service and maintenance team in Germany

Our services

  • 24-hour emergency service
  • Spring and autumn maintenance
  • Service provisions for all models from all manufacturers
  • Comprehensive inspection and maintenance of silos, brine and conveyor systems
  • Preparation of measurement logs and detailed overall reports
  • Facility repairs to guarantee a long service life
  • Conversion, renovation, expansion and modernisation of facilities of all kinds
  • Long-term budgetary planning

In order to respond to changing requirements with a conversion, renovation or expansion, an analysis of your existing facilities is often worthwhile.

During the winter service months (October to April), our on-call service team is always available for emergencies outside normal office hours.

In conversation

Erich Eisenlohr, responsible for the service and maintenance team, describes his work routine.

Portrait photo of Erich Eisenlohr, Head of Service and Maintenance