Wisdome Stockholm – Project video

Gritting plant town of Gossau – Impressions

Our timber industry – Impressions

Carpenter module and element production – Job portrait

Construction site Klanghaus Toggenburg – Impressions

Project manager GC – Job portrait

Blumer Lehman Germany – Corporate film

Site manager assembly – Job portrait

HORTUS Feldfabrik – Impressions

Wooden module production for Rosenmaar school in Cologne - Impressions

House T Hospital Münsterlingen – Project video

Our finger jointing plant – Impressions

Project Manager Timber Construction – Job Portrait

New wooden production halls – Impressions

HORTUS The Mock Up 3D – Impressions

Knee's magic hat – Project video

Swatch headquarters – Project video

Rhomboid formwork LERHO – Impressions

Assembly Klanghaus Toggenburg – Impressions

Planning and production of the MiniCO2 house – Impressions

Blumer Lehmann – Corporate Video

Temporary theatre made of wood – Impressions

Interior shots of House T Hospital Münsterlingen – Impressions

Our Wood cycle – Animated film

Wisdome Stockholm – Trailer

Our high-bay warehouse – Impressions

Assembly Headquarters Swatch – Trailer

HORTUS Sustainable Forests – Impressions

Assembly Lattich – Impressions

Insight into our Free Form production – Impressions

Free Form Pavilion Copenhagen – Impressions

HORTUS Sum Up – Impressions

Knee's magician's hat – Trailer

BIM – The future of construction

Assembly Theatre Provisorium St. Gallen – Impressions

How a complete system is created – Impressions

Design for disassembly based on a multi-purpose hall – Animated film

Modular construction production Lattich – Impressions

Assembly MiniCO2 house - Impressions

Demolition of the temporary theatre – Impressions

Innovationsfabrik 2.0 – Impressions

Production Employee Element Construction – Professional Portrait

Assembly School Rosenmaar in Cologne - Impressions