Comfortable environment for offices

For a long time, masonry, concrete, steel and glass were the preferred construction materials in cities. Now wood is back in demand for urban construction. Modern processing methods, high-performance planning tools and construction techniques as well as ingenious logistics and assembly concepts make wood the construction material of choice. The short construction times thanks to the high degree of prefabrication in our factory impress clients, planners and investors alike. Rapid construction means not only lower construction costs but also increased profitability and earlier occupancy of a building. What’s more, your personnel will appreciate the pleasant aesthetics of wood in their everyday working environment.

Timber construction is creating architectural highlights across the world. In cities, timber constructions are becoming an interesting image factor. Are you planning a project outside of the city? Wood as a construction material is a natural fit for offices and administrative buildings in industrial and commercial areas, as well as for rural projects.

Spectacular office and administrative buildings

  • Wood is in demand for urban construction
  • Short construction times, early occupation and high profitability
  • Pleasant indoor climate
  • Beneficial acoustics
  • Versatile architectural options
  • Sustainability as an image factor

Modular timber construction

Modular timber construction using standardised, cost-effective and customisable timber modules.

General contractor services

Discussion in the planning team of the timber construction general contractor department of Blumer Lehmann