Timber and salt – the ideal combination. We make use of timber’s outstanding characteristics as a material for the reliable long-term storage of salt. And we also bring together the appropriate technology, fit-out and more. The result is winter maintenance facilities of all sizes and complexity that are precisely tailored to requirements.

A perfect combination

Ensuring safe roads and paths in towns and municipalities even in winter is no easy task. That is why we specialise in designing, planning and implementing winter maintenance facilities with silos, storage for grit and salt, brine facilities and generators, conveyor systems, equipment and all the technology for controlling, monitoring, measuring and weighing in exact accordance with requirements. And that is why our specialists always analyse your local situation and your existing infrastructure first in order to develop your ideal winter maintenance facility. Because only well-considered and intelligently designed winter maintenance facilities offer you reliable safety, cost effectiveness and precisely the level of convenience that you need for your work – from simple and manual to highly automated.

A broad range of services for winter maintenance

  • Winter maintenance systems appropriate to your needs
  • Timber silos from 5 m³ to 1,000 m³ volume
  • Mobile timber silos for town and
  • municipal systems
  • Grit storage depots and large-scale salt stores
  • Brine facilities and brine generators
  • High-performance conveyor systems
  • Brine technology
  • State-of-the-art control systems
  • Automation and data processing
  • Cutting-edge measurement and weighing systems
  • Service and maintenance
  • Renovation and modernisation

Wooden silos

Werkhof Uitikon: a star-shaped wooden building with integrated modular silo for road salt and mobile return conveyor, cold and warm hall, washing hall, open hall and two-storey factory building

Winter service concept

Winter service concept for cities and municipalities