We unlock timber’s potential

The fascinating world of wood determines our thoughts and actions. As a world-leading timber engineering firm, we play a core role in developing innovative buildings, products and services. With our forward-thinking construction processes and circular-economy approach, we are able to unlock new potential for timber as a building material.

We work in a closed cycle to protect the environment

We process wood in a closed value-added cycle in our company at Erlenhof and are as climate neutral as possible. We focus on sustainable solutions and energy-efficient production for the benefit of our environment. And we cultivate fair and cooperative relationships with all of our stakeholders such as clients, employees and suppliers.

We treat people with respect and nuture their potential

We cultivate fair and cooperative relationships with all our stakeholders, whether clients, employees or suppliers. We actively harness people’s talents in and around our company to forge ahead with our products, services and processes. Individual skills and collective knowledge are nurtured and expanded through our targeted training and development opportunities.