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Would you like to put into practice the knowledge you acquired from your studies? Are you interested in experiencing a job in the timber industry at first hand? Can you hardly wait to experience the many aspects of working for an innovative company? We are always interested in hiring exceptional workers. We offer students the opportunity to expand their technical expertise in timber construction and put it into practice at our company. Prospective timber engineers and technicians will find that our company is the ideal springboard for their careers.

Portrait Ursula Keller-Braun Head of Personnel Blumer Lehmann

Ursula Keller-Braun

Head of Human Resources
Member of the Executive Board

+41 71 388 58 30

Engineering Degree in Timber Construction

Bachelor or Master of Science in Wood Technology

Graduates of the degree programme Wood Technology are the future decision makers in the wood industry. Their studies focus on wood as a renewable resource and material, its versatile processing possibilities and applications in timber constructions, buildings, interiors and furniture.

The Bachelor of Science in Wood Technology course is modular. It takes three years of full-time study or four years with a work placement.

The study programme for Master of Science in Wood Technology is also modular. It takes three semesters of full-time study and four to six semesters of part-time study.

Project manager and team at the centre of the construction process for Free Form projects.

Requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Wood Technology

  • Completed vocational training in the wood industry with a vocational school-leaving certificate or 
  • An academic baccalaureate and a preparatory work placement in the wood industry
  • Education at a college of higher education in the field of wood
  • Admission on demonstration/examination of skills

Requirements for the Master of Science in Wood Technology

  • A bachelor’s degree in the field of wood technology or equivalent degree
  • Generally a degree with distinction and at least 210 credits (if you have 180–210 credits, you can make up the missing credits during the master studies)

Are you interested in studying wood technology?

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Studies in the wood faculty

Timber construction technician HF

Their technical, mathematical and economic knowledge allows timber construction technicians to take on management tasks in the company. They develop timber constructions, create implementation documents and draw up component and final plans using CAD software. Their tasks also include advising architects and engineers on specific questions regarding timber construction. Technicians HF organise and monitor production methods and processes in the company. They manage and coordinate construction teams and operations at the building site.

Three project managers sitting in an office, mid-discussion

Requirements for study as a timber construction technician HF

  • Interest in timber construction and structural engineering
  • Technical knowledge
  • Interest in economic and commercial issues
  • Talent for organising, skilled at negotiating, ability to lead
  • Completed apprenticeship as a carpenter, one year professional experience in a carpentry business, successful entrance exam
  • Entrance exam is waived for candidates with recognised previous training (advanced vocational certificate, academic baccalaureate, professional examination or diploma as a timber construction foreman)