Wood – our material

Wood is the most versatile of all construction materials. It impresses with a range of outstanding characteristics – not just us, but also specialist planners, engineers, clients and everyone else who uses wood in some capacity: as a working medium, construction material, fuel, for installation or some other purpose.

The fascination with native timber for building defines our entire practice. Cutting-edge processing techniques and engineering are opening up an ever greater number of new uses for wood, in both architecture and construction. With our knowledge of wood and our wealth of experience, we are actively pressing ahead with the development of wood in a variety of different areas of application. 

The advantages of wood

    Wood is a renewable, CO₂-neutral material
    Wood is an environmentally sound, natural and yet high-performance, modern material
    More wood is growing back in Swiss forests than is harvested. Local construction timber promotes local value creation. It tends the forests and saves energy
    Wood creates less grey energy and greenhouse gases than other materials. Over the entire life cycle – harvest, processing, transport – its energy balance is unbeatable
    Wood is equal to the highest technical standards of today. Researchers have been putting the material through its paces worldwide for decades
  • SAFE
    Wood is more predictable in fire situations than other materials. It contains water and is a poor conductor of heat. So it burns slowly
    Wood, stone and concrete are equivalent in terms of value retention and lifetime