Once the architectural design has been determined, construction solutions are needed to execute their form and shape their character. Our teams collaborate closely and extensively with specialist professionals to develop the geometries, plan supporting structures, define materials and connections, and determine the necessary fire protection measures.

Portrait Martin Looser Division Manager Free Form Blumer Lehmann

Martin Looser

Division Manager Timber Construction | Free Form | International
Member of the Executive Board

+41 71 388 58 28

For safety and high-quality implementation

For specific engineering tasks, we call on experts from our extensive specialist planning network. This includes support structure planning with static dimensioning, materials selection and questions of building ecology such as heat, damp, sound and noise protection. And dependable fire protection programmes and certification according to the applicable regulations. Today, these regulations allow the use of timber in almost all buildings. Our engineering services ensure implementation of the highest quality for your building plans and guarantee the safety of the future building. No matter whether your building project is a school building, a residential complex, a complete winter service facilities or is planned for other uses.

Grid for the roof support structure made with laminated veneer strips.

Structural design and structural analysis based on the mock-up Wisdome Stockholm

Our engineering services in detail

  • Timber construction planning
  • Fire protection programmes and certifications
  • Structural engineering concepts
  • Support structure planning, construction, selection of materials
  • Energy calculations
  • Construction physics and building ecology
  • Thermal insulation and moisture protection
  • Sound insulation and noise protection