Dream single-family home

We have mastered the creative approach to form, colours and materials. And we always ensure the sustainable use of resources. We thus create the utmost in comfort for you and your home. Bringing a dream home to life, however, requires more than just aesthetics. We’ll keep track of the entire process for you and ensure that it is completed on time and within your specified budget.

Flexible collaboration

Whoever manages a project – whether it’s us, the architect or construction manager – the team at Blumer Lehmann supports every stage of the process. Would you like a worry-free project and to be updated every step of the way? Then instruct us as your general contractor. We’ll manage the entire planning and construction process. And you can see your project completed on time, on budget and with the quality you expect.

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Marco Gemperle

Sales Residential Construction | Timber Construction | Switzerland

+41 71 388 58 55

General contractor services

Discussion in the planning team of the timber construction general contractor department of Blumer Lehmann