From the sawmill to the company group

Since 1875, our mission has been to process the sustainable and versatile raw material that is wood into innovative products. In doing so, we aim to create added value today and for the future. We rely on innovation, a solution-driven approach and attention to quality. As a family business in its fifth generation, we see our cooperative and family-like culture as the basis for further development.

Fascination with wood since 1875

We have dedicated ourselves to wood since Leonhard Lehmann established the first sawmill at Erlenhof in 1875. We process the material in state-of-the-art facilities, combining high-tech equipment with traditional craftsmanship. At the same time, we are always in search of new applications and pursue groundbreaking new ideas. From its beginnings with the original sawmill many years ago, the Lehmann Group has now grown into three companies with more than 300 employees. Today, it is the workplace, business centre and inspiration for employees and customers from all over the world.

«My grandfather firmly believed that finding new possibilities was a joint effort. This is still true and will continue to remain so. We can count on our team and their expert knowledge, experience, creativity, commitment and pleasure in timber.»
Katharina Lehmann, CEO and Owner

140 years of passion for wood

Find out more about our history in our anniversary book ‘140 years of passion for wood’ from 2015.

Aerial view of the Erlenhof site in 2017