Time for a change in perspective

Even if you don’t have experience in the timber industry, you and your professional skills will receive a warm welcome from us. Also if you want to take your career in a new direction and learn new tasks. Sometimes the outsider’s view is exactly what helps find unusual solutions. If you’re ready to make the switch to a fascinating, new environment, then convince us with your skills. We will be happy to give you the chance to demonstrate your potential. And take it from us, you won’t be able to resist the fascinating world of wood.

Opportunities and requirements for working in the timber industry

Professionals who are interested in a position with us in the timber industry can expect an exciting work environment. We offer varied tasks in a supportive work climate, such as:

  • In the sawmill
  • In timber processing
  • In CAD/CAM programming
  • In central services

You will get the opportunity to put all your craftsmanship and people skills to use, learn new tasks on the job and develop yourself further.

If you are flexible, willing to learn, a team player, able to work under pressure, responsible and you enjoy working independently, then we would like to get to know you. Get in touch with us. Find out more about our company and what role you might soon play in it

Portrait Ursula Keller-Braun Head of Personnel Blumer Lehmann

Ursula Keller-Braun

Head of Human Resources
Member of the Executive Board

+41 71 388 58 30

Dominik Dörig

Qualified sawyer and agriculturalist, works as a forklift driver at Lehmann Holzwerk AG

«I have been working as a forklift driver in logistics at Holzwerk Lehmann for over three years. Together with my colleagues, I take the wood to the right destination – from delivery to storage up to transportation. I enjoy the job as I mostly get to work independently due to the fact that I pretty much know where things are in the warehouse.»

Portrait photo of forklift driver Dominik Dörig, with forklift and Erlenhof in the background

Valentin Niedermann

Head of technology and processes, Lehmann Holzwerk AG, qualified multi-purpose mechanic with training in project management and postgraduate studies in business management

«Even though I didn’t have experience in timber construction, I got to grips with my job very quickly. I experience the typical ‘wood culture’ every day. Our interactions with one another are pragmatic, which makes it very different from other industries. A bit more homely.»

Ein Mann steht vor einem roten Hintergrund. Er trägt eine schwarze Jacke und ein graues Shirt.

Job vacancies

The following jobs are also suitable for professionals without experience working with wood or coming from other fields of activity. Is your dream job not listed here? We are always interested in skilled workers who are open to new things. Get in touch with us.

A young employee with dark hair and a beard and wearing a grey T-shirt, looking over his shoulder at the camera. A pile of cut wood can be seen in the background.