Modern mountain guesthouse in timber construction on Chäserrugg – steeled against wind and snow

Architects Herzog & de Meuron have designed a striking, elegant construction with visible timber architecture. In addition to the cable car station, the new building houses a restaurant and various event spaces. There are many challenges associated with architecture in alpine areas. The construction of the roof was one of them. Wind speed and snowfall can be extremely high at this altitude. The structure chosen in this case was a timber construction comprising a conventionally erected bearing structure combined with prefabricated wooden frame elements. The construction used traditional carpentry joints such as mortise and tenon and offsets augmented by special timber engineering connectors.

Portrait Richard Jussel Project development Blumer Lehmann

Richard Jussel

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Chäserrugg mountain inn dining area with tables and chairs and panoramic mountain views with blue sky

View of the Churfirsten mountains from the restaurant

Roof cut-out of Chäserrugg mountain restaurant with visitors and panoramic mountain views in fine weather

Close-up of the roof construction

East view of Chäserrugg mountain inn in Toggenburg in the snow with blue sky

East view of the mountain restaurant

External view of Chäserrugg mountain inn with snow on the roof and snow-covered ground.

South-east view of the mountain restaurant

External view of Chäserrugg mountain inn with the cable car and rocks in the foreground.

South-west view of the mountain restaurant

Photograph of a cosy lounge area with fireplace and sofa

Interior with cosy lounge

Photograph of the top floor of the Chäserrugg mountain inn fitted out entirely with wood

Close-up of the timber construction