New hospitality in tavern tradition

The ‘Dorfhus Gupf’ hotel is a place of good hospitality, culinary experience and village character. Blumer Lehmann was responsible for the planning and assembly of the roof framework and facade for the new hotel building with its parlours, events hall, conference rooms and village shop.

At the heart of the village in the Rehetobel region, a modern new building has been created in solid construction to nestle seamlessly into its surroundings. An outstanding fusion of the character of a traditional Appenzell house with a modern construction approach.

The architectural highlight of the new building is the large oriel in timber construction. Other smaller projecting oriels and roof gables – made from timber and clad in powder-coated aluminium sheeting – continue the Appenzell feel and reinterpret it in a modern style. The design of the facade with its red-painted spruce and fir and decorative paintwork also identify the building as characteristic of the Appenzell area.

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Hotel Restaurant Dorfhus Gupf with illuminated windows in the evening light

The Dorfhus Gupf reinterprets Appenzell architecture

Modern façade with lots of glass, in which the church tower is reflected

The glass façade blends in well with the modern Appenzell building.

Red-brown façade of the Dorfhus Gupf in the village of Rehetobel

The Hotel-Restaurant Dorfhus Gupf adopts the typical architecture of the area in form and façade design.

Interior finishing of the Hotel-Restaurant Dorfhus Gupf entirely in dark wood

Wood also determines the style of the interior design.

The façade of the Dorfhus Gupf is made of red lacquered spruce wood with white window frames

Red lacquered spruce wood with white window frames and lettering give the façade of the Dorfhus Gupf an inviting appearance.

Modern dining room in light wood with round tables

Dining room made entirely of wood.

Red-brown wooden facade of the Dorfhus Gupf with paintings

Typical for the houses in the area: the paintings on the wooden façade.