A place to recharge with high-grade architecture and interior design

A place to recharge with high-grade architecture and interior design

Sutra means connection. It then follows that the 1930s house and modern extension combine to form a place of harmony for yoga, meditation and therapy. Blumer Lehmann implemented the timber construction, taking care of consulting and planning, preparatory work, project management, engineering, factory assembly, production and erection.

The aim was to use practical interior design and a stylish look and feel to convert the house and repurpose it into a place of interaction and retreat. A generous yoga space is found on the basement level, while a steam bath, massage room, sauna and two guest rooms with a private outdoor space including a pool were created on the semi-basement level. A bridge runs from here across to the renovated house and a wooden staircase leads to the new extension.

The exposed oak and Swiss pine of the four staircases, facade and top-floor interior finishing invigorates the otherwise incredibly stripped back architecture of the three-storey building with its extensive use of concrete. Challenges were involved in engineering the timber construction with its free-span ceilings and the complex staircase structures.

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Space with concrete walls, wooden doors and large, unusually positioned windows in the semi-basement of Sutra House.

The semi-basement spa area with sleek interior finishing and wooden accents. This houses the sauna, steam bath and massage room.

A space clad entirely in Swiss pine with lots of natural light on the top floor of Sutra House.

A meditative space: the top floor is infused with a regenerating temperature and air quality thanks to an interior finished entirely in Swiss pine.

Lounge in Sutra House with large windows, concrete walls, wooden ceiling and doors plus a sofa and fireplace.

The lounge continues the theme: understated interior finishing with exposed concrete and wooden accents.

High-ceilinged space with lots of concrete and glass, a wooden staircase and palm tree artwork.

Interior design that mixes materials to effect: exposed concrete, glass and wood.

Yoga space in Sutra House with timber interior finishing and open storage for yoga equipment.

Wood is the material used most in the interior finish and dominates the yoga space.

Sleek staircase with wooden steps and glass balustrade connects the basement level to the ground floor.<br/><br/>

The wooden staircase offsets the cool, restrained design with its extensive concrete and glass and has a warm and invigorating effect.