The demand for wood is huge, ensuring that prices are remaining stable and at a high level. For forest owners, it is now a particularly good time for them to manage their forests profitably. The Swiss timber industry association (HIS) therefore recommends taking advantage of the favourable market situation and contacting the local sawmill.

Here at Lehmann Holzwerk, we also expect demand for timber products to increase even more and we are therefore on the lookout for new suppliers. Roger Wegmüller, who is responsible for log purchasing, says: ‘We are always delighted about any new partnership. We are happy to advise potential log suppliers about our terms and possible collaboration.’

It’s no secret that wood is the material of the future when it comes to sustainable and environmentally friendly construction. For example, the use of wood as a renewable carbon-neutral material makes a significant contribution to achieving our country’s climate goals.

It has also been proven that a well-used forest fulfils its purposes much better, for example as a protection forest and as a habitat for flora and fauna. Young forests also absorb more CO2 than overmature trees.

Would you like to play an active role in strengthening your regional forestry and timber industry? Then Roger Wegmüller looks forward to hearing from you.

Further arguments in favour of active forest management can be found here.