Golf clubhouse with huge Free Form roof

Around 10 years after we received our original commission, we are again working at a golf resort in South Korea for our client Dong Hoon D.O.S, this time handling the planning, production and erection of a 5,300 m2 Free Form roof.

Golf is booming in South Korea and new courses are being built all the time. One of them is the Hillmaru Country Club in Pocheon, north of Seoul. Based on designs by YKH Architects in Seoul and working in cooperation with our project partner SJB Kempter Fitze AG for the engineering, we are planning, producing and erecting a complex Free Form roof with impressive dimensions. With a surface area of 5,300 m2, the roof will cover the 160 m long clubhouse and its entrance. Two tree-shaped Free Forms made of spruce will create an imposing projecting roof over the entrance area.

Portrait Daniel Bucher Project development Engineering Timber Construction Blumer Lehmann

Daniel Bucher

Head of International Sales | Timber Construction | Free Form

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Canopy of the Hillmaru Golf Clubhouse with Free Form Wood Structure

The components of the curved canopy were produced at Erlenhof.

Wooden structure of the clubhouse entrance in detail

The two tree-like structures span the wooden beams like branches over the entrance area.

Bird's eye view of the Hillmaru Golf Clubhouse with Free Form wooden roof

Quite impressive: the total roof area of the 160 m long clubhouse is 5300 m2.

Hillmaru Golf Clubhouse with free-form wooden roof

The curved, free-form roof with visible wooden beams contrasts with the stone building.

Dining room of the Hillmaru Golf Clubhouse with interior woodwork

The clear language of forms and materials is also continued in the dining room.

View outside through the high window front in the Hillmaru Golf Clubhouse

Timber dominates the interior design of the golf clubhouse.

Changing room in the Hillmaru golf clubhouse with interior woodwork

Wood plays a central role in the changing room.

Brightly lit entrance to Hillmaru Country Club at dusk

The two tree-like wooden structures at the entrance to the resort are an eye-catcher.