The Feld school building is like a miniature village

The new school building was to replace the existing primary school building in need of renovation and provide space for the Azmoos and Trübbach pupils in years one though to six. The unconventional project by Felgendreher Olfs Köchling won the tender competition, which modelled the school building in the form of a small-scale village. It brings together local structures, architecture and operational functionality while also being sustainable and economical.

We were responsible for the timber planning, production and assembly of the two-storey school building in a wood element construction. All the classrooms and group rooms are arranged around the spacious hall in the middle of the building, forming something akin to a small village: nine classrooms with group rooms, one kindergarten, four workshops, an assembly hall, library, computer room, simple sports hall and side rooms. Natural ceiling lights and varying room heights ensure high quality spaces in the classrooms and group rooms. In form and style, the school building is based on the locality's original farm buildings and is clad with a facade made of larch strips varnished in dark tones. The objective was to use as much wood as possible from the municipal forest. The walls and roof are constructed with highly insulated timber panels. The new building meets the Minergie standard for sustainable construction, fulfilling the requirements needed by the municipality of Wartau for its ‘Energiestadt’ (energy city) label.

Portrait Lukas Osterwalder Division Manager Modular Construction Blumer Lehmann

Lukas Osterwalder

Division Manager Timber and Modular Construction | DE | AT | LU
Member of the Executive Board

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Dunkle Holzfassade mit zwei Fensterreihen des Schulhauses Wartau in Azmoos

The unconventional architecture gives the school building a village feel.

High ceilings with interior finishing in timber and natural light coming from above

Characterful interior finishing in timber with natural light coming from above.

Bright classroom with interior finishing in timber

Lots of natural light and plenty of timber create comfortable temperatures and good air quality.

Bright gym with interior finishing in timber

Natural light streams into the gym through the high rows of windows.

High-ceilinged room with interior finishing in timber and vaulted ceiling

Varying ceiling heights ensure high-quality spaces

Bright classroom with interior finishing in timber and musical instruments

Wood from the municipal forest was used for the school building.

Furnished classroom with interior finishing in timber

Timber also defines the design of the classrooms in the Feld school building.