Winterthur solves school space issues with MODULAR W modular timber structure

In collaboration with our architecture partner Bauart Architekten und Planer AG, Blumer Lehmann won the general contractor competition run by the city of Winterthur with its proposal for second-generation MODULAR W school buildings. The first of these schools in Winterthur was Langwiesen, which was given extra space constructed from high-quality timber modules. And on Wülflingerstrasse, lessons are already taking place in a MODULAR W modular school building. Four more locations are to follow. 

Many school sites in the Winterthur city area are in need of extra space, either now or in the next few years. With the MODULAR W system, the city is making up for the lack of classroom space with a flexible and customisable solution. At Langwiesen, the two-storey modular timber structure with Minergie-P-ECO certification and a main floor area of 450 m2  has provided urgently needed classroom space since August 2021. Two blocks, each formed of 28 timber modules, make up the two-storey temporary school building. At the same time, the existing school building is being renovated and extended. Following this, in around 2028, the temporary timber school building will be dismantled and installed at another location.

The school facilities on Wülflingerstrasse were also in need of additional space. At the end of January 2022, a timber MODULAR W structure was also put into service there. Instead of renting the timber modules as originally planned, the city of Winterthur decided to purchase the MODULAR W classroom solution to allow them to respond to the shortage of space in a targeted, swift and flexible way. On the one hand, the city is expanding existing facilities, and on the other, modular buildings are being used where the need for temporary space arises.

Portrait Migga Hug Head of GC Services Blumer Lehmann

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The Modular W school building in Winterthur Langwiesen from the outside

The Modular W school buildings in timber modular construction offer a wide range of design options on the outside and inside.

Classroom windows in the Modular W school building in Winterthur.

Welcoming interior finish in a classroom with large windows in the Modular W school building.

Entrance of the modular school building Langwiesen Winterthur with ramp

Eine Rampe gewährleistet den barrierefreien Zugang zum modularen Schulhaus.

Canteen in the modular school building in Winterthur.

There is even space for a canteen in the modular school building.

Functional details in the modular school building in Winterthur.

Every detail counts and ensures everything has its place in the temporary school building.

Stairwell in the modular school building on Wülflingerstrasse.

The whole school building interior is in a crisp blue.

Playground in front of the school module building on Wülflingerstrasse in Winterthur

The temporary school building on Wülflingerstrasse is fully equipped - including a playground.