A timber sculpture in the shape of a sunflower

The timber structure adorns the atrium of a private residence in India and looks like a flower with elliptical petals. The timber structure sits under customised glass elements that are fitted with extra shading devices to shield against the strong sunlight.

The support structure was made from steam-bent laminated timber beams in ash wood. Our partner firm Burgbacher Holztechnologie was responsible for laminating the components. Winkler timber bending specialists crafted the components into the right shape. Ash wood has the advantage that it is easy to bend, even into tight curves.

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timber structure in a flower design.

The Sunflower timber structure sits beneath customised glass elements.

General view of the wooden sculpture in the shape of a sunflower

The timber beams are made out of ash wood, as this type of wood is easy to bend even in designs involving tight curves.

Free Form Wooden Structure in Sunflower Shape

The timber structure consists of steam-bent glulam beams.