Naturally Swiss wood!

Anyone who builds with wood is essentially already choosing a renewable raw material with lots of benefits: it’s easy to obtain, constantly grows back, requires little energy to process and is versatile.

Even greater environmental added value is offered by Swiss wood: consumers can be sure of the product’s Swiss origins and short transport routes. They actively save energy and support Swiss forests and the regional forestry sector. And secure jobs in the timber industry.

«Those who opt for Swiss wood as a material are making a real contribution to an important value chain.»

The arguments for Swiss wood

    Those who use Swiss wood help to maintain and manage Swiss forests in a sustainable and natural way.
    Swiss forests cover over a third of the land. They provide habitat for animals and plants, as well as place for people to recharge. On average, one cubic metre of wood grows in Swiss forests every three seconds; the most important renewable raw material in Switzerland.
    The processing chain of Swiss wood, from the forest to the finished house or piece of furniture, creates and sustains 90,000 jobs and generates a value of some 6 billion francs annually.
    Swiss wood is processed in the region. So no long transport routes are involved. That’s environmentally friendly and reduces CO2 emissions.
    The Swiss timber construction industry is the world leader in planning, processing and quality. Timber is being used to create sustainable buildings of all dimensions and multi-storey structures of all building categories.

Campaign for more Swiss wood


As part of the ‘#WOODVETIA – campaign for more Swiss wood’, renowned psychoanalyst Peter Schneider and radio legend Patrick Dujany are exploring the Swiss forestry and timber industry. This included a visit to us, during which the two timber novices met the committed men and women who tackle the major challenges in the sector with creativity and innovation.

Amusing, interesting and very informative!