Compact, versatile and easy to handle

Mobile conveyor systems can be adjusted to the required output and are primarily used to return salt from the vehicles to the silo or to fill silos after overhauls. 

The unit is easy to transport due to its compact design. It is also incredibly versatile and can be used for various winter service tasks. The mobile return conveyor is also well suited for use in suburban depots.

We offer the mobile unit in different drive variants:

  • Electrically powered 
  • Diesel powered 
  • Take-off powered (hydraulic)

You can hire any of our mobile return conveyors for short periods

Optional accessories

  • Extension hopper with approx. 1.5 m³ capacity is used to load the facilities with a large quantity of grit or salt via a wheel loader or from a salt depot.
  • Coupling hose connects the mobile return conveyor to the silo