Efficient and automated salt management

Is efficient operation with reliable and effective conveyor technology crucial for you at your winter service depot? Then our modular conveyor systems will play an important role. Our modular conveyor units are versatile, economical and allow your staff to work safely during the winter period. They also prove to be an advantage in both new and existing salt depots. The modular conveyor system means that you can fill gritting vehicles using the loading silo instead of the wheel loader.

We offer the unit in different drive variants:

  • Electrically powered 
  • Diesel powered

Functions and features

  • Efficient transportation of gritting material from the salt depot to the loading silo 
  • Non-fixed installation means flexible use
  • Save time when loading gritting vehicles 
  • Increased work safety

Optional accessories

  • Hopper lining
  • Remote monitoring and access with net module 1