The latest highlight of the Toggenburg sound experience is opening soon

Scheduled for completion in 2024, this timber construction will complete the sound experience in Toggenburg as a musical centre for natural harmonics. In our role overseeing construction of the entire building shell, our responsibilities also include the extraordinary Free Form geometry roof. In total, our joint general contractor project includes the timber construction, the roofing and sheet metal work, as well as all light-permeable components. Moreover, we are also members of ARGE alongside Abderhalden Holzbau, Forrer & Abderhalden GmbH and Andreas Bischoff.

Astrid Staufer of Staufer & Hasler continued the construction project based on the spirit and intent of the architectural designs of Marcel Meili. The Klanghaus is built from wood supplied directly from Toggenburg, and is much more than just a building. In the form of an accessible instrument, it comprises four soundscapes with unique acoustics, each of which can be tuned in the same way as an actual instrument. Other highlights include two outdoor stages, allowing musical experiments and concerts to be performed in the open air. In keeping with the overall concept of the ‘sound campus’ so popular with tourists, the Klanghaus will be open to all lovers of music and sound and will contribute greatly to the ongoing development of Toggenburg.