The St. Gallen city theatre has reopened following a renovation lasting around three years. This means that the Blumer Lehmann interim theatre, which served as an alternative venue during the renovation, is now ready for a new assignment. The theatre took 14 weeks to build in 2020 and is a timber construction. It is now to be dismantled and rebuilt in Ingolstadt in Bavaria as the city theatre there is also in urgent need of renovation. The temporary timber theatre in St. Gallen, with its 500 seats, stage, orchestra pit, foyer, gallery, storage room and lounge area for artists, therefore offers the ideal solution and can be implemented quickly.

The dismantling work will commence in November and is expected to last until March 2024. The total of 350 m3 of timber will then be sent on a 300 km journey to Ingolstadt where it will be rebuilt on the site of the former indoor swimming pool.

Zuschauerraum mit roten Sitzen im Theaterprovisorium St. Gallen.