Interior and facade with an abundance of wood

The two-storey detached house with timber element construction is a replacement for an older residential building that stood in exactly the same location. As the general contractor, we were responsible for the architecture, the timber construction, the site management and the implementation of the entire building shell. We also coordinated and were responsible for works to the building technology and windows. The timber construction work was completed within 4.5 months. The timber elements were delivered to the construction site with the interior surfaces already finished. Special attention had to be paid when erecting them and an extremely precise and careful method of working was used. The client was able to move into the new home around two months later.

A striking architectural feature of the new replacement for the former residential building is that, wherever possible, the floor plan has a symmetrical design. The architects and planners from our GC department developed the existing architectural concept into a construction project that was fit for approval. The timber facade defines the external appearance of the building. The timber boarding is made from ‘Perlmutt 30’ pre-aged spruce slats in three different widths, all secured by a hidden fastening system. Wood also determines the character of the interior, with understated interior finishing on the walls and ceilings made of three-ply spruce cladding. 

An abundance of natural light enters the building on four major axes and floods into the living spaces. Features such as the shorter staircase and the large windows in the dining area, which is open up to roof floor, ensure that the light is free to enter.

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Interior view of the detached house, with the kitchen and dining area defined by the striking appearance of the three-ply spruce cladding on the walls and ceiling.

Simple, but with eye-catching style: shapes, materials and colours provide accents.

View of the dining room with a long table and chairs in front of the windows

Plenty of natural light and a pleasant indoor environment.

Office standard lamp in front of internal walls and doors with three-ply spruce cladding

Interior design and decoration combined: spruce walls and doors.

View of the bathroom with bathtub on one side and double washbasin on the other.

Light and spacious bathroom follows the consistent colour scheme.

Interior view of the living room with seating area

Simple furnishings harmonise perfectly with the striking interior design.

Detailed view of the staircase. In addition to the walls, roof and floor, the staircase is also made completely of spruce.

Staircase, walls, roof and floor – all made from spruce.

Interior view of the bedroom with wooden bed, long windows and a narrow single window

Spruce sets the tone and style throughout the building.