More space in the Friesenberg school building thanks to additional storey

The modular pavilion has been part of the Friesenberg primary school complex in Zurich for 20 years. In the summer of 2019, it gained a third storey with an area of 253 m2, providing it with plenty of additional space. As GC, we designed, produced and built the school building extension based on the architectural concept by Bauart Architects and Planners.

The city of Zurich responded to the increased need for space at Friesenberg primary school using the proven Züri-Modular system. Two generations of the ZM10 have now been combined in the Friesenberg primary school pavilion. The consistent external design using three-ply vertical facade panels made of larch and anthracite-coloured Rockpanel cladding means that hardly any difference can be detected between the existing and the new modules. The enhanced modules in the newly added third storey provide two classrooms of 68 m2 each, a group work room of 33 m2, toilet facilities of 10 m2 and a technical room with an area of 5 m2. 

The return walls and ceilings are unusual from a construction perspective as they contain sheep’s wool as a formaldehyde absorber. The heating system in the building had to be reinforced and upgraded to meet the increased heat requirements. A new staircase added on top of the existing one provides access to the third floor.

The timber modules were prefabricated in our factory in six days, assembled on site in three days and fitted out in a further three to four weeks. The entire new storey was added during the summer holidays and therefore did not affect lessons in any way.

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A ZM10 timber module is lifted onto the roof of Friesenberg primary school by crane and put into place.

The prefabrication of the timber modules took six days. On the construction site, they were then put in place on the roof of the school building.

Aerial photograph – from above, it is possible to see the five timber modules already hoisted by crane onto the roof of the school building and moved into place.

Thanks to the prefabrication of the timber modules, they can be installed on site very quickly.

School pavilion during the conversion phase with a newly added storey constructed from timber modules

Friesenberg primary school was converted from a two-storey to a three-storey timber pavilion within three days. The fitout then took another three to four weeks.

View inside a ZM10 timber module that is already fitted with all the necessary installations.

All the cables are already laid and the thermal insulation installed in the prefabricated timber modules.

Installer works on a ZM10 timber module that is being delivered and installed on site.

ZM10 modules are standardised and optimised for use in the education sector – as was done here for Friesenberg primary school.

The ZM10 timber modules are transported by road on a low loader.

The individual timber modules were prefabricated at our factory in Gossau and then transported by low loader to the construction site.

Aerial view of the roof of Friesenberg primary school with five timber modules already in place on the roof.

Some of the prefabricated timber modules are already in place on the roof of the primary school pavilion.