Urban living close to nature

The Schlösslipark complex in the Haggen district of St. Gallen is a modern apartment complex featuring high-quality apartment buildings in a sunny location. The five residential buildings, each with four floors, are turned slightly and at an angle to each other, giving the complex a certain degree of lightness. Each of the 60 ultra-modern and bright rental apartments has a terrace, a balcony or a garden seating area. The ground floor of building 1 is used for commercial purposes.

Holzer Kobler Architekturen from Zurich planned the residential buildings as a hybrid construction made from concrete and wood. We were in charge of the planning and production of the wall elements, facade cladding and balcony railings.

Floor-to-ceiling windows were built into the wall elements at our Erlenhof production facility. The elements were then supplied to the building site and placed in the right position between the solid construction and the scaffolding using a crane. This approach guarantees swift assembly. A vertical pre-aged spruce formwork encases the walls. The balcony railings and dividing walls, made from vertical wooden slats, create the necessary privacy and allow a view of the leafy surroundings – for urban living close to nature.

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A Schlösslipark apartment building from the front

A commercial area is located on the ground floor of the apartment building on Wolfgangstrasse.

Façade of an apartment building in the Schlösslipark residential development

Facade view of the Schlösslipark residential buildings. We built the floor-to-ceiling windows directly into the wall elements during production at our plant.

Photograph of the Schlösslipark taken with a drone

The Schlösslipark residential development consists of 5 apartment buildings, each with 4 storeys.

Residential building of the Schlössliparkt development with unusual balcony design

The residential complex consists of a total of 60 flats with a variety of floor plans as well as balconies or garden areas.

Offset apartment buildings of the Schlösslipark residential development

The slightly offset arrangement of the residential buildings in relation to each other creates a playful lightness and emphasises the filigree wooden façades.

Inner courtyard of the Schlösslipark residential development

The residential development on the outskirts of St. Gallen offers a high quality of stay.