The ‘Nordstern’ project is to become a new visitor and therapy centre

‘Nordstern’, the Blumer Lehmann project set out to plans by Ruprecht Architekten GmbH, came out top in the general contractor competition to build a new psychiatric treatment centre at ‘Psychiatrisches Zentrum Appenzell Ausserrhoden’. As full-service contractor, we are creating this compact square building with a contemporary interpretation of the traditional Appenzell architecture.

The new building houses the day unit, specialist and exercise therapy as well as the entire visitor, patient and guest reception. It thus fulfils a central role on the Krombach site of the Psychiatric Centre Appenzell. 

The clients’ aim was a high-performance project in terms of architecture, urban planning as well as operation, economy and the environment that would be built within the planned timeframe and budget. The ‘Nordstern’ project satisfies these requirements with its wood-concrete hybrid construction. The stairwell and intermediate ceilings are made from concrete. The entirety of the remaining support structure is constructed from timber. The extensive factory-based prefabrication involved in this minimises planning as well as construction time on the hospital site with all the attendant noise and dirt. What’s more, timber is a natural material that has a positive effect on the wellbeing of people recovering or working in the clinic and their visitors.

From the very beginning of the ‘Nordstern’ project, its sustainable utilisation concept incorporated flexible use and a minimal environmental footprint. This means that non-load-bearing walls, windows and interior elements are easy to reorganise or remove.

Portrait Migga Hug Head of GC Services Blumer Lehmann

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