Secure modular construction for banks

Our bank pavilion ensures maximum security and comfort for both customers and staff. Our bank solution – which features customised floor plans – provides space for personal service and the desired amount of discretion. Attractive counter areas create a feeling of openness and security, while modern consulting rooms, turnstiles, vault areas and an ATM zone cover the additional requirements associated with bank buildings.

Portrait Migga Hug Head of GC Services Blumer Lehmann

Migga Hug

Head of GC & TC Services | Architectural planning | Switzerland
Member of the Division Management

+41 71 388 58 23
The temporary construction allows seamless completion of day-to-day work.

Entrance with wheelchair-accessible ramp

The bank building has a discreet and comfortable style.

Bright corridors in the back office

The modern consulting rooms allow discussions without disturbance.

Provisional meeting room